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Fishing Permits

At Mortimers of Speyside, we offer fishing permits for the renowned Strathspey Angling Association (SAA) waters that flow through Grantown.

About the Fishing Permit

These waters include a five and a half mile beat of Association water, plus an additional mile and a half of the Upper Castle Grant, which is fly fishing only from April to the end of September. Your permit also grants you access to thirteen miles of the River Dulnain, a major tributary of the Spey.

Permit types

For those who prefer a shorter fishing adventure, the Daily Ticket is an ideal choice. This ticket is valid from 9am to midnight on the day of purchase, giving you ample time to enjoy the waters. Please note that the Daily Ticket does not include access to the Upper Castle Grant, but still provides plenty of fishing opportunities in the main SAA waters.

Our Weekly Ticket is perfect for anglers looking to immerse themselves in the fishing experience over several days. Valid for seven consecutive days, from Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday, and so on, this ticket also includes access to the Upper Castle Grant. Enjoy the full spectrum of fishing opportunities available in the SAA waters with this comprehensive option.

If you’re planning to stay in the area for an extended period, the Visitor Season Ticket offers great value and flexibility. This ticket includes access to the Upper Castle Grant, allowing you to take full advantage of the diverse fishing experiences available throughout the season.